November Moods 2019

November…We are one month away from the end of this decade, and surely 2019 revealed a lot of truth to ourselves. We now can chose the direction in life that we have always taken, or to start a new, moving in a different direction. The choice is up to us, and no one can make the decision for us.

Downtown Minneapolis, Rainy nights

As we transition into colder darker months, it will be harder to stay positive and motivated as seasonal depression sets in. We have to go out and find inspiration to get through these cold hard months. Inspiration can be found in our faith. We can put our faith to work in various areas of our lives daily. For me, I love to watch a good film, cozy up my space, and invest in making great meals.

I also create more art in various forms. It is very therapeutic to get caught up in the changing colors of nature and the stoic skies. I try to embrace my goals for next year, and make a list of all my accomplishments for the current year. Getting in gear for opportunities of self improvement.

What will 2020 look like in terms of aligning with my dreams and accepting that I deserve the best of life. I want to be more creative with how I spend my time. I want to value those I spend my time with. I want to encourage quality conversations and healthy debates, because I seek a fruitful life in all areas of becoming more of myself.

The challenge begins when we except both strengths and weaknesses, and take time to grow and improve. No one can reward us, like we can reward ourselves. It is time to accept we have real work to do when we take action to improve our own lives.

Showers and baths can be a retreat in these cold dark days. Eucalyptus can help with congestion. Forced air or dry heat can cause cold like symptoms. For relief elder berry drinks, hot lemon water, and eucalyptus works wonders.

Beauty in the abode. Live inspired add pieces to your living space that adds color, or comfort to your personal settings.

An Ode To: Icon Series featuring Diahann Carroll

What can be said about this woman who has inspired in so many on film that she has become a classic. I remember watching Claudine with her and James Earl Jones, she was an actress that could bring class or grit, and sometimes both at the same time. Whitley’s mother exuded Grace style, and the type of petty one could only be entertained by. She brought style to every screen, and has always been an undeniable force to be reckoned with. As we go forward in our own lives, may we embrace the spark of brilliance and spunk brought to us by this cultural Icon Miss Diahann Carroll, ladies and gentlemen.👑💯⭐💖💞🔥💃

Believe that it is your time to Achieve Greatness!!!!

It’s the power hour get up and put a jump in your back for the life you know you deserve. Dreams and goals don’t make themselves happen, it all starts and ends with you!

Speaking of inspiration, be inspired to save money wherever possible, remember you are building an empire, and spending money on nonsense won’t win the day.

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