The Struggle

The times if one is paying attention, can seem like the whole world is on fire and most of us are trying to hard to live above the trauma, that we are half conscious trying not to relive recognized pain.

On the tube, all over media, there are shootings, from the police as well, a broken legal system that works in such a lopsided fashion, that it has lost its integrity in the eyes of the people.

Generational trauma that masks itself as drug and alcohol abuse. We abuse ourselves with negative self talk, but positive social media images, fiction that defeats the purpose. Giving hope to the children seems like a phrase in after school specials that don’t come on any more.

Our society does not exist in truth but in trend, in dollars, in deception and every body has a pocket full of illusion they want to sell.

Healing is breaking to come back together not a fun ride at Disney Land. People selling pyramid scheme pipe dreams to those to out if sync to put it together. Loss in any form is damaging, we chose who was damaged and who should just handle it. This lottery, of empathy, speaks to why folks played numbers, and protected their own streets. We witness cities of brown people decimated over night, to many times, and all we want is the lime light in this hunger games society that mirrors that of Tatuwien.

Facts are folks are so shiny they don’t know what I mean.

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