A June, kind of mood.

This month has had it’s share of upside down’s. I remember a year ago when I worked at Rainbow clothing store to make ends meet. It rolled into summer and there was no employment for substitute paraprofessional co teachers. I struggled to find employment. I felt like a failure with an undergraduate degree wondering how I was going change careers, or even change myself. I spent the previous two years trying develop my work as an artist. I fell into a chasm of financial struggle, there is just not enough resources to embrace your art, when you struggle to afford a lifestyle.

Prior to two years there was an ex fiance, a mistake that would cost me. Beware of the cost that comes with being with certain individuals. At 35, I found myself starting over, living with relative, struggling to not be depressed. It was as if everything just got real hard all at once. I can’t describe it, I had to remain strong for me.

I started this blog because I wanted a place to talk about being an artist of color in this modern era. Not to focus on color, but to be aware of it, as it does paint the picture and weave together the landscape. I travel to place around the city because I have the spirit of a romantic and a wanderer. I love to find cove’s, wonderful nestling spots, to become a regular, and to love the food. I love to visit places with character and places that have s since of community. I love to feature the journey and it is complete with good people and good food.

The one thing that I love about the Twin Cities is that it is not a food desert. So being a foodie is within the range of opportunities. My favorites.: Pimento’s, Los Ocampos (tacos) , Brava!, food truck, and Street Food food truck. just to name a few. I just enjoyed Atlas, this week and a wonderful place with my friend Kell, I have to keep up with myself.

St. Anthony Main with Minji. We had a great girl’s night and walked around and took all the beauty in. There was a festival for the arts going on. The parks were in bloom with wonderful events all June.

Cozy eatery near uptown…wandering around the city.

Mississippi River, St. Anthony Main, Minneapolis, MN
The many faces of Minneapolis, MN
Thrifting..Does anyone love the hunt?

This era of my life is a lot different. I had to develop my confidence, my willingness to persevere. With the coaching of some brilliant women, I am now working in Human Resources. Finding time to blog and have conversation is a huge part of my world. Like many of my friends, I have no children. I am looking to move on and find my place in this world by excising my creativity whenever possible as to not just work and go home. In the future I really hope to flex my community arts degree and really get down and up close to local artist, or any other artist that I may meet as this is supposed to be a comfortable place for artists to be featured

Always on the move

I do have to admit, I have a long way to go with this blog. The plan is too stay the course and keep writing content that is true to me. The hope is to inspire others to just get up, get out and get started. Do what ever you love to do. Enjoy this life and the wonderful gifts that GOD has placed inside you. Explore yourself and discover your dreams.

I will always love architecture and a city that can give me as much as I am ready to receive from it. I am always inspired by my city it gives me romance and wonderment. I can see how great writer’s like August Wilson and Scott F. Fitzgerald could write journals about life as if observing and appreciating at the same time, the allure of life inspired by the regal-ness of the Twin Cities, MN.

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