The Price of Being Your Authentic Self.

There is a lot of memes going around. They are juxtoposed images and phrases that communicate an atitude towards a situation.

We are not snap shots but a rolling reel of deeds an impression that we leave behind. This whole week was a whirlwind. It was hard to write, there was so much to take in. Not to mention the 9 to 5 grind on top of life. There are some things that have been themes in this week and I would like to bring them to the table.

Russell Gary was a man that when I was young was dating my big sister. He was kind and sweet, not to mention funny and he has had our back as a family in so many ways. Even though he and my sister never married his love and respect for her extended beyond his passing. I served at his repass and saw the honor and love he had for my sister in the way his family loves her. Her duty during his home going process was admirable, he mentored her sons and in style made a lasting impression that blesses all of us daily. Our soul contribution that we leave on this planet is in the hearts and minds of the people we love and leave behind..Rolling reel.

Another rolling reel was the life and times of Nipsy Hussel. I young man that the world realizes left an amazing impact. Making choices to represent with passion his truth he was no doubt a soldier in the game. We can look at the example of black men who step outside ego to commit to good works. We salute their mighty strength and courage, because they inspire many to be great.

Also, this is the anniversary season of losing both my dad and a friend that was like a brother Tyrone Williams. They both were Taurus’. My dad was a man of distinction and brilliance musically inclined and a teacher of the people. He renamed himself Kambon Camara, that was his walk a mighty fight from working in the prisons to educate the imprisoned to teaching on a collegiate level and doing a sabatacle on black psychology. I tip my hat to his struggle, days in jail, protest, non stop attending of meetings to find a solution for the mental and spiritual wellness of our people.

Tyrone, who started Black Coalition, a skate park, who was a voice and activist in the Twin Cities. A son, father, brother and community member. I tip my hat to his life and his walk, not to mention his spirit, on this an annivesary of a home going. April..has challenged me and my want to express looking at a beautiful mess, but feeling blessed that I am yet here to express.


We are living in an era where holistic doctors, activists, musicians and others are going missing, getting killed and it is happening right in front of our face. It is hard to talk or deal with anything inauthentic, hard to digest the front. Life is too real to not be effective and impactful to others while we can make a difference.

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