Dreams of Juniper in Jupiter’s Moon.

Left crates and crates of melon. Right there on the harbor, right next to the ships. Free melon, and no one paid attention but Juniper. He saw them melons, and saw that no one else was tending to them. Finally when the day fell, and the harbor grew scarce of people, Juniper approached the melons. Juniper smiled wide and proclaimed them as his own. He was so delighted. He took his wheel barrel and hoisted the melons on to his crate. Juniper was headed on, long down the road.

The melon jiggled as Juniper hurried down the road. Juniper noticed and stopped wheeling the crate. Juniper watched the melons jump up and down in the crates, then eventually, they were knocking into each other. Suddenly one of the melons cracked open and there inside, was something Juniper ever saw before. It glowed like a star, and danced before him. Juniper looked down at the other melons, with both awe and concern.

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