World of Wonders

Right here, right now, we are living in times that seem to simultaneosly mirror every other time that came before. Culture’s have united around the world in unlikely places. Conversations are happening with people who never thought they’d meet. The world is smaller because places like Bali, Japan, and Morrocco don’t seem that far away. I can watch a day in the life of someone I don’t know, and may never meet. Art is exploding, photography, acting, and other visual mediums are super sized. Everyone seems to living amazing lives, whether published or un published. Yet with all the possibilities that are swirling around, what we also find is that many are living with crippling depression, and some are not even living at all. In this time of extreme irony, where having access does not grant peace. We must ask our selves purpose filled questions to whittle down own personal reasons for doing what we do. In a time and place where it is easy to get caught up in the make believe, make sure that peace, love and grace are present, most importantly make sure you are present. I will be sure to do the same.

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