In the Spirit of the Season

As December decends its a great time for self reflection. Learning from the lessons of the year, and assessing strengths and weakness is a great way to make personal improvements to one’s life.

For me December is not just my birthday month, but also a month to celebrate accomplishments both big and small.

Cozy Saturday’s

The goal this year was self care, with a busy schedule, and commuting around the city, I found it difficult to balance a work hustle and having a creative space. A year ago, I took a year off to live an artist life and to produce, write and manage my first ever show Sketches In Blue. Shout out to my cousin Mike Ford, Odist, and DJ Scipreme, for the love and support. My show taught me such a profound lesson on being an artist. I learned that an artists life is extremely expensive, and stressful. To be an artist is to be a marketer, promotor, photographer, a networker, a mover, and you must make appearances to promote yourself. The work must be consistent, and you should not quit your day job. A person has to fight relentlessly to keep positive, the process is a grind and not that pretty. I love social media, every influencer, artist and blogger had years of work produced before they ever start making real money at their gifts. This is facts.

This December, I celebrate the grind, it is uncomfortable, if you are doing it right. It stretches us, teaches us, and rewards us at the same time. So to those of you who stopped by, thank you, you did not have to but you did. I also want to say self care is woth the time. Be well, stay well, and think well, Gypzies!

One thought on “In the Spirit of the Season

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