December Rises

I am a forest, a jungle, a desert, and ocean. I am expansive
December Rising

It’s not the cold, but the ending of an era, that makes December so special. Those of us born in December have a thing for the bling, because it feels fantastic ending the year knowing that effort does reap reward. It is the grindstone that makes us great. That at the end of the day, our work replaces our excuses, and at long last we are finally seeing the fruits of our labor, and the treasure in the toil. December is also a month of giving back, saying thank you, because we could not have made it this far alone. The support systems that we have set up in our lives that give a shield of protection when those days come in, and they always do, to rob us of our joy. I rise with December knowing that I am truly grateful for all the blessings both small and great. I also appeal to the hearts of all, when I say, this season is not about getting more for oneself, but the ability to look across and give a gift of appreciation to someone else. So I love this time of year, but my heart also pain for those who are struggling in anyway this season. I pray the Lord God open’s doors for his people, that they thought were sealed shut. I hope it’s your time, my time, and everyone’s time to shine. We are a beautiful and blessed people, and our riches are within and not without. Rise with me this December and let’s make beauty happen!

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