Love Language


It’s a form of expression, a word in kind, that paints my sky. Full of ever after the watering of laughter, the there after, holding hands with words. The US that conjugate the proverbs. The Iliad of our life, a voyage on harsh water’s, alone sometime’s we have to go through the odyssey of the mind just to find ourselves.

And when we do, we come back to the love that awaits us. It stands tall because it is all that it was promising, an exceptional human being, that from which love springs first and calls us home like lovers, in Solomon’s Song. We learn to work together, like we learned from the same scroll, so we learn to lessen our toil all the while, speak, speaking that..


Darling Love, my heart spring day just to look at you.

you make my heart beat dance, every time I get a chance, to dance in romance with you.

The days they go by, they are blessed days because you and I.

We defy gravity in conversations, dear Love, it’s my heart, in you, it’s been placed in.


Love is it’s own language, you can hear it in actions, and remember it with scents. It is a time captured in a life that can be painted blue or grey. Let love have it’s way when you speak.

One thought on “Love Language

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