September is Here

Style with flair


September is a wonderful time for fashion. I spent the weekend looking at runway shows, because I love fashion, it’s a very important part of my personality. I think everyone deserves to live their best life. Part of living one’s best life is learning to create the package.






The package is styling yourself to actually be who you say you are. In this society where image everything, and the eyes of camera’s are all about, it is important to put the best effort in representing your brand.





I encourage everyone to consider what their brand is as we approach the coming years. The industry is changing in life cost and in business. It is important to also stay awake to the information that is available that can serve a purpose in your dreams. I hope we are all still dreaming, and striving. Things must be personal now, they must be tailored made to fit the lifestyle we decide to live. We have low wage earner’s, artists, and a slew of other people who live check by check and believe that their is no hope.



Let’s start with education, it take time to learn any concept, it takes more time to learn these concepts and even more time to master them. There is no overnight success because there is to much to learn in the process.




To fight for a dream is like tell yourself that you are worth it, it is if you realize that no one on this earth has to agree with that, but your value stays the same. I believe when a person gets dressed they are arming themselves with the power to be their selves on the realest of levels. It takes confidence to declare who you are, it takes even more confidence to walk out all that you have said. It is important to challenge ourselves and stay in a place where our goals only get greater. Empowerment comes in the form of positive self talk, positive diet, ability to stay away from drama and negative thinking and people, why not, situations too. It comes with creating a space for ourselves to breathe and contemplate the next move without having stress or be reactionary towards it, we are not our best self while we are reactionary, getting to know oneself takes contemplation and a long dance, but its, worth and it’s fun.

I write these blogs because they mirror the conversations that I have in everyday life. Style is always the sugar but we are always going to have important conversations. As we learn to style  we learn our “why?”, and that is what common sense is, it is about questioning ourselves before we act, but without knowing ourselves, what are we questioning? So style is inner and outer, it is bring out who you are not hiding behind false hope. It allows you to stand front and center, because no one can complain, if they don’t try.

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