Style and Economy

Style is important, yes. I love it truly, but I have been doing some soul searching lately and realized that there is a lot more going on in this world. There has been so many killings of young African- American teens and young adults of color, that I find myself taking pause. I am trying to process the craziness of this world. The children that live in tent prisons guilty of nothing, being treated as if they are an “other”..The Irony of PRIDE week celebrating the uniqueness of self.




In some slim cases, being different is celebrated, but a young girl selling water, or a black family having a get together has to worry about the police.


The justice system seems to only operate in reason when actors are playing a scene out on T.V., and we as a audience become witnesses to tragedy after tragedy, with all the evidence in full view.


The music no longer captures our imaginations, it now imprisons the youth in ignorance, which makes them ill prepared for the realities of life.

Life ain’t all sugar and spice…




On an interview between jobs, I recount how many areas of the city that I have ventured in. The places that I found restaurants, cafe’s are thrift stores, tucked away, in a place I may have never visited I’ve not had reason to.

I sit at a bar and grill inside Whole Foods, off of Dayton and Snelling trying to escape the heat. I am waiting on the A line and my phone has completely run out of charge. I need a very cheap lunch, I am not afraid to say I ordered from the kids menu (very bad idea), but that is what happened….


There are some girls, and guys working, a girl in a cap welcomes me as I sit down, and convinces me that I should not worry about eating from the kids menu, lol…I am on a budget, and have become very aware of my coin in recent days.


I get into conversation with people around me, quite frankly, just to see if it would work. Of course everyone is there for work, but when I asked if it was easier to make friends online, versus striking up a conversation in real life, which do they think is more comfortable? It was as if I was introducing a new concept…To talk to people and genuinely determine if you in fact do think that they deserve to contact you in the future…There are so many smoke screens these days, hard to get to the heart of the matter of community, if it’s to much to ask to get to know a person in real life. I a not preaching to meet all your social media people, but I am saying start spending time again with the one’s you already know. It’s hard to expect empathy from strangers, and the more distant we become, the stranger we seem….

Also while going through this very challenging time, determine to dream as big as the sky, while having to be, and work humble, it hit me, I am not the only adult that got passed thirty and was not exactly where I thought I would be in life. I find that I am a person that has been giving a chance to actually do things differently this time around, I also have to start at the very beginning. This was a blow to my ego, I was not used to hustling so hard for opportunities, and feeling like there is no sane reason why I can’t live my best life.

While going through an economic crises of my own,  I started to do research on how this might be hitting other Americans, and also the rest of the world. I wanted an informed perspective, something that would help me to forge ahead, this time as the person that I want to be, someone that I can be proud of, not just superficially, but actually, and completely.


I came across these YouTube specials they really helped me open to my eyes to what I was to blind to see..

Housing and Debt










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