Modern Waste

Hello Gypzy’s, there is so much in this world to discuss, and the topics just keep increasing, today I want to focus on “fast fashion”. In today’s world most people with the help of social media can access fashion trends on line, and find a cheaper look for less.. Who does not want to look good right? With Instagram and Facebook it is easy to see people all over the world looking so fresh and so clean.

Bloggers and Influencer’s get paid to promote brands and wear fashion trends to get them in the public eye. All this in the name of fashion, which is a huge industry that employs and army of people. I found out recently by watching a Vogue documentary that the fashion industry expands to not only to fashion runways, brick and mortar retail stores, online, and now digital media as well events and festivals have also become heavy promoters of the fashion industry. But what happens to all the clothes we don’t want? Where do they really end up after all is said and done?

I shopped and was able to re assemble my wardrobe after years of buying clothes here and there. The problem is, not only do clothes accumulate, you can also never really realize what you own. I had a bad habit of going shopping when I really needed to just simply do laundry, but as a former shopaholic, I can tell you, I still don’t know where half the the things I purchased as recently as last year are.

I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, pieces that can be layered, moved around, or embellished to get more wear out of clothes that I own. I want the discipline to pull 10 pieces and just wear then interchangeably, but I have not actually tried that approach yet.

Lately, I came across this documentary, and wanted to share it. The more we buy, the more we waste, and this is important to look at now. Please check out the video in the link, it is extremely eye opening.

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