March on ..

I try to balance my art between my work life and seems that somehow, I feel less successful that lately. I still go out on Urban Gypzy adventures, the only thing is I have been so exhausted lately. I had taken on two jobs and really did my best this month in balancing out the responsibility of stay conscious enough to hold memories and record them as they are happening at places that I visit when I am out finding gems around town. The reason why I even mentioned it was because though I was able to have urban Gypzy moments once a week to record and bring to all my Urban Gypzies, but I was so exhausted the whole time. I did my best to capture the moments but even I admit, it was very difficult to keep the content coming. None the less, I did always take notes and capture the special moments that did occur, and I am very happy that on this very last day in March, that I can share them all of you.



My new thing other than braids during this time is nails. I love nail design, I Pinterest about them and have my own board of collection. I am so into art of just about every kind, and nail art is certainly one of my new fashion must haves. I have to tell a funny story about my recent nail visit. I have been going to TMJ Nails on the Northside in Minneapolis only twice, but the last time took the cake. I waited three hours for a nail technician (mostly because I was tired, and it was cold outside)..But the lady who shaped my nails did a horrible job, but I did not notice until I got home. Since my schedule had been so tight I really did not have the time to go and have my nails reshaped, so I just chopped it up as a shame on me. The thing that happened when I got my nails redone at another nail shop Dragon Nails in Robbinsdale, that I knew my nails were messed up. The nail technician laughed for like three minutes, then broke down to me the facts on what I need to know about nail technicians and their art vs. my money. I think I found a new spot, and that is a good feeling.



Pimento’s Jamaican Restaurant

Pimento’s was a place a heard about on Facebook, a poet a know named Truth Maze posted and I thought I would check it out. I kept it in mind for a while and as soon as I was able I had a day on Nicollet Ave and Pimento’s was one of my destinations. I walked into the sliding doors and heard reggae music pulsating from the speakers, the area was wide and inviting, and the seating was done row style, I could see how it could be easy to push aside tables for a party.

They greet you nicely when you walk in and are willing to help you decide what would be the best dish on the menu. Since I was on assignment a splurged on the Bone-in Jerk Chicken, and Coconut Red Beans and Rice with the slaw. They also had this black sauce that had a decent heat, if you like spice in your life. I enjoyed the whole experience. I also tried the Red Striped Beer from Jamaica, and a rum inspired tropical drink. It was all very good, I will go again. I recommend that you Google them, Map them and go.



Spyhouse Coffee

One of my favorite places to go when I am on Nicollet is go to the Spyhouse. It is a pretty eclectic coffee shop, and the one on 25th and Nicollet is an artist haven. The tables are big enough to study or do research for hours. The décor is simple yet artistic, inspired and open. The large windows provide a awesome landscape of the urban landscape around you and this certain location is important to my personal history.

When I was 11 I was hit by a car right in front of this location, that is when I called on Jesus and he came through for me in a way that changed my life. At the time this location was just a neighborhood corner store that was run by a Arab family, who had handsome sons. Now it is the Spyhouse Café a stop on my way to Minneapolis Institute Arts, or just enjoying the nostalgia of my old neighborhood. I feel as I am always reminded in a very inspiring venue is how much Jesus my Lord and Savior has really been there for me, and that I was truly born to be who I am, in artist.





This Location on Nicollet Mall

I just have to say that I have been a traveler through downtown for quite some years, and this location seems to have gone through the most set changing that I have ever seen in such a prime real estate location. It is located between 9th and 10th street on Nicollet mall. I know because there was even a time I worked across the street in the part of the News Room formerly called the TypO deli. That was years ago, around 2004 or so, anyways some one should write a book on the history of this location, I am sure it will be interesting.

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