April Look Book


Think Pink


As the months change and old man winter tries his hardest to hold on to the old times, I feel the need to do a look book inspired by the most pleasant and energizing color and that is pink. I love the femininity that this color exudes, as an inspirational hue it has been a major inspiration for this look book.

The first outfit blends sexy and sporty, it is perfect for when you are running errands, or making plans with the friends. I am truly feeling the side split style of shirts, it is perfect for all types of occasions and can be layered and paired with a jean jacket and sweater.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



Stripes will always be a perfect basic to have in your closet. It is a timeless piece that you can pair with almost anything (depending on your scale of creativity). The French hold true to stripes, navy blue, black and white, and red lipstick. In all the tales of romance there must be someone wearing stripes. It is always a fashion staple on fashion runways every season. I believe it would be wise to invest in this year around staple.


Hey Fran, Hey

Well, I have to tell you, what inspired me to just get out there and blog was other writer’s and influencer’s that I was able to subscribe to through YouTube and other social media outlets. Hey Fran, hey, is a blog written and created by Fran. She is well known in the blogging community and has collaborated with many other bloggers such as my girl (previously mentioned) Shameless Maya. Fran blogs about lifestyle, health and wellness, among other things. I consider her to be a gem, as I do all my finds. So please check out the sight.




Speaking of health and wellness, I believe in the power of a great bath. Some of the more sophisticated bath takers have a list of ingredients that they use to maximize their bathing experience. I have just been doing my research to see how I can improve my bath experience. I decided that there is a reason why milk and honey are so popular. Lavender and vinegar are great. Flowers are always awesome. Custom make your bubble bath with a mixture that is gentler on the skin. As the season changes the skin will on more of a display, and aching muscles will need somewhere to rest, the bath is the perfect place.




Say yes to florals, and say yes to all things kimono



An elegant and sophisticated ballet slipper



Zadie Smith is a British novelist and essayist. She is brilliant and real. I have been inspired by her story and her example as a writer. She discusses important issues in her work, and poetically weaves together various aspects of humanity. Check her out!


Dancer inspired poetry in style




Motivated by the beauty and simplicity of raw femininity



Anita Baker is an amazing vocalist with several albums under her belt. Sweet Love, Rapture, I Apologize, are just a few songs that this song bird has serenaded us with over the years. I have Anita Baker on the mind because i hear that after this year she will not being touring anymore. I must admit as much as I am a fan, I just have not been able to catch her in concert yet. I have find a way to see her, or miss out on the opportunity, or miss out.


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