Black History is WORLD HISTORY

Caption this…

black 10

Who are we after we turn off the TV and step away from the pseudo egos that have formed to compensate for PTSD.. Celebrities don’t impress me, they work for the coin for those with enough money for investing. Pushing products like they are drug dealers , with no shame, having people so desperate to have what they do they resort to stealing

black 4.

Everyone wants to meditate and yoga way the frustration. We have seem so many disturbing narratives, we are trying to fight the feeling.

Black 12

I see more natural girls on social media looking like they model for soft porn channels. Saying men are animals, but they refuse to leave the zoo.

Black 6

You try to educate people they look past you, or look at you crazy as if to say, “who are you talking to?” When all you are trying to do is give them an actual clue.

black 9

Then every year around this time, Black History is on everybody minds..But if you are black all the time..It’s time to celebrate the future, and do what it takes to see her, with a holistic state of mind.

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