Azealia Banks Shares She Was Abused By Coldplay Manager In Detailed Instagram Post

Everyone has a story, I first started to focus on Azealia Banks after the whole dispute with RZA at a fancy party. I couldn’t believe the article, I did not know much about Azaelia Banks, but I had been a Wu-Tang fan since 1992. The fact that RZA has been flexing his acting and director chops seemed to be a very great achievement. As a woman however, I was shocked by her account of being disrespected by the Hip-Hop legend, I felt I needed to look further into it and found that RZA has no doubt gone “Hollywood”. After reading this article, I realize why stories are so important. Without knowing a person story it’s really hard to humanize them. The importance for humanizing an individual is to give the compassion and understanding. I used to not know this young singer, but after reading her story I have learned to respect her.

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