Just Do It!

I am a dreamer as I have mentioned, I feel that dreams are important and act as life  that tale us to different levels of understanding of ourselves. This world can aide as a major send off. Everyday people are expected to give up on their dreams because it is not normal to want to have something that you have never seen in real time before only perhaps in some secret place, amongst one’s journals and drawings. That is where my dreams hung out for a very long time. Amongst my collectables behind the dried up paint brushes and magazine clippings that seem to held for no certain amount of time. Everything just concepts and theories, places where I tell my dreams to myself. All the stories written, and the characters that over the years have stretched themselves to become like familiar friends. I find myself inside future visions and the things I have already put on my resume, making room for the days when my dreams can develope wings and fly. I worked 10 hr days problem solving for other people ways that they can create the most efficiency in the work place. The deseert of our dreams exists because we are the only one there. Dreamers are independant thinkers who combine their thoughts with phrases, sound and imagine  a world unlike the one that they are currently in. Dreams are not superficial at first, but most definetly can become over time. I believe that our dreams tell us about our gifts in such a way that we feel purposeful in our works. A lot of us have jobs, but still have not put our gifts to work.

Lately I find it is more difficult then it looks to breathe life into a dream, not just because of the financial resources that are required for dream execution, but you can not dream up motivation, which is self discipine and the ability to progress daily, that is another battle. Self confidence is needed period, but the the motivation is what keeps the pace of our dreams and drives them into reality. To manifest, is more than a notion, it’s an action and requires work.

In school as both students and educators we are taught how to study and spend time with the material so that by the time the test comes around we are as ready as we can be to answer questions and provide answers in line with what is being asked of us.

As adults we become a bit lazy when it comes to ourselves, the way we drag our feet on matters that are important to us, just because at this time, we may be alone in the cause, so how do you stay motivated amongst naysayers, haters, not to mention those who simply don’t want to help you, because either they do, or don’t see the value in your pursuit? I needed so much to have someone to understand this part of the dreaming process, the point where the work begins, and the pace is set, and where there is daily progress, or at least sufficient council when I find myself in a block, it so happens…

I looked to YouTube, there people are dreaming, trying and failing everyday. I have a few favorite channels that I subscribe to, I will link them below. In short if you can not find a door make one, and keep moving forward on your dreams. For every problem there is a solution, and to do have anything done correctly things take time.


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