Old School Kool

As we ease into September, I get all nostalgic, and it’s natural. It’s back to school, the anticipation of Fall, and this added urgency to get productive. I think of all the obstacles and feel like the season change can usher in a new era for me. This era is not sound tracked by the new era of music, but it does take classics to modern classics. Let me give you a vision of pink satin pillows, grey throws, and a cup of Dulche Creme Leche hot in a cup, with a cataloged with new ideas for Fall, with nothing less then music to capture it all.

As I look around it is very easy to observe that the current climate for arts is open to interpretation. While some see the glass full, I like to look at the glass as if the amount is exactly what I am looking for. I am so inspired by various artist communities around the world really, the way that each community is finding both a voice and visibility.

The arts are a central focus for me because it has always been my passion for as long as I remember and I also remember that it’s application is used across the board. Everywhere you look there is an image that has been inspired by an artist in some capacity. Even the things you hear down to the things you use. The art has become so abstracted in society it is hard to see that it’s usefulness is indeed practical. It is a shame that it is so hard for an artist to relate to society without society seeing the benefits of an artist that renders their gifts to the world. I am sure each parent of a gifted child can see how integral the development of those gifts are and through the arts can help socialize them more healthily when dealing with conflict or moments of anxiety.


When I was young like 10-12 yrs old, my favorite place besides the neighborhood parks was the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. My parents also took me to the old Guthrie and Walker Arts Center, which always seemed interesting to me to say the least, but my heart responded to the art at MIA. my sister worked there so we went to Christmas Parties and other events with ease, but I had a personal love for the museum. I would go there with my friends after school, on Saturdays, when ever I could get away. I always had to have someone with me so it was also the matter of convincing them. Minneapolis made it easy to be e with the arts as it has a sprawling parks and lakes system, free to the public to paint their time as they would. I was beyond inspired by the Artist Quarter where my Dad often performed his horn, and the south side neighborhood where my mom’s people stayed, to be a Ford growing up is to also witness the best conversations and character’s.

That plus the Cosby Show, A Different World, Martin, Living Single, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, New York Undercover, Family Matters, Thea, and various other shows that featured during the early to late 90’s, households where not only influenced, we would go to school saying lines and phrases from our favorite albums, sitcoms, stand up, etc. This was a form of communication, and it was all very much saturated in the arts.

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