Incognito (Musings from a queen to her king)

mood music sets the candle light, lit with purpose.4e47e5164aaced5f01e3225cc4d3f6c9

a rose covered surface…dotted with warmness, soft kiss,

an anniversary of sorts, we can reminisce. How moments turned into smiles

as we did sit for a while the wiles of what the mind creates morphing into reality,

as we both defy gravity, soft and so divine. The meeting of the minds.

This melding creates a smoldering heat, beyond you and me, it calls

like a mental notion inside me. I don’t have to dial you up, you take care with

your advances, to lay clear your intention, filling our moments with things you don’t have to mention. I don’t have to question what you are bringing to the table.

On another level, I have to raise up to you, true intimacy, when I am passed hope, but convinced that this ain’t no casual ish…but realer than real.

So real that I cope to deal….you don’t come incognito, shading your eyes or love from me. You walk straight up with divinity, such words, that even if I can’t see you, I can still hear you speak.

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