Film Noir

I spent this past weekend binging on classic movies made by aboriginal (black) Americans. We started off with Beloved, then Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls, the next day I tried watching Birth of a Nation, but found myself emotionally exhausted from what I started to term trauma movies. I understood in such a powerful way that they don’t just say that a sister from aboriginal roots is strong, but also fiercely antagonized. The level of rape culture that has existed in this country since the colonization of this land reaches even into 2017, where we now find that “slut shaming” is a thing, but then again so is “slut culture”. The easy com-modification of womens bodies, bed wenches become side chicks, slaves into housewives of the money. I recently spent twenty years of my life documenting my personal experiences here in this country as a citizen and watching also the atrocities being done all over the world to people who look just like me, or someone in my family.  I love Instagram because I get to follow sista’s that have their own since of self, the narratives of old does not trap then into being proverbial mules of the world. Sisters are turning themselves into liquid gold, movable and brilliant, and finally I am excited. Here in the Twin Cities we gripe with issues like equity equality, job security, diversity, and access to the same privileges as our white counterparts, as they seem to be afforded without hesitation


monies from the state in the form of arts grants, invites, preference, family member association, or just by having the money to do so.

I remember in 2009-11 there was a big deal about closing the economic gap, this seemed to focus on the North side of Minneapolis, forsaking all others community that also held sizable populations of people who could have also benefited from both the initiative and the resources. Seems like the representation likes to focus on sensationalized issues for photo ops other than effective ones that would probably be less popular.

Do leaders choose their passions based on “likes”?

In the era of black girl and boy magic will we see a resurrection of true kings and queens?

The whole world awaits the answers….As do I.

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