Natural Hair Journey- 4 yrs and counting…

4 years ago when I was tired of looking like a Betty doll,  I decided I needed a change. Every year I fought the same fight and would go from curly to straight, then cry when my hair would not curl again. I had gone to salons for years since I was seventeen, and all my stylists ever did was turn my hair into what I would call Hawaiian Silk. The straight look would only last about two weeks before my curls would start creeping up on me. It was like my hair just rejected the idea of a relaxer after only two weeks. This was this was the biggest waste of money and time, but most of all it was the definition of insanity. My hair was not giving up, in this case I realized we had different ambitions, my hair and I. I was stuck after a while with hair that looked like straw and diminishing edges. To me this was an emergency and scary, to the stylists, they see it all the time and realize it’s a problem, but that seemed to be the extent of their concern.

The salons could not help me with what I really needed to do, but the online digi-verse could. I searched and found websites that changed my life and motivation. These sisters approached the blogging world with zeal and what they were able to share about natural hair, arts and culture, exposed me to not just culture, but the international community of naturalistas. I was able to follow and so many others.

Naptural85 and Alicia James taught me all about mini two strand twists and that became a game changer. At this time if I am not in braids, I am mini twists, mostly because my curls are dense and we have reached this compromise and it works for my hair and I.

I do have a regiment, it mostly consists of heavy oiling and and moisturizing in between non poo rinses. Monthly take down wash and deep conditioning. A week of moisturizing and stretching. 15 hours of twisting, heavy oiling and moisturizing in between non poo rinses. I keep it ultra simple, because it works for me…


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I however, will try to improve this list as I update it, but please check out these ladies and gentleman, but mostly ladies. I found them extremely informational.


just to name a few stay tuned I will do a whole page dedicated to inspiring websites. More men will be included