Quiet place 4/11/23❤️‍🩹✍️🏽✍️🏽

Art and poetry by Stephanie

Quiet places are uncorruptable spaces where the mind, spirit, heart goes to rest.

The pangs, and sharp talons of the world pointing at boxes for one to fit in. To try so heart and hit exhaustion. Not sizing up length and width blindly trying just to say we did to know end.

The noise and commotion of someone screaming unfair, while taking away your right just to be standing there, crumpled up intentions, mentioned with botch sentencing patching together conclusions the sit in different dimension. The unread believe these sentences make sense because they can not read what’s written.

It’s hard to just be sometimes, the psychic attacks that are now added to our air and nutrition goes unnoticed while pointing out things that make reactionaries pay attention.

A propagating spirit if you don’t agree with your my enemy and now we are at war. A world that knows no grace, but feel they should be handled as if it’s fragile, the hate must be preserved to live a day more.

This life is becoming more and more hard-core, gangster and unforgiving. 2 faceted kindness, backlash blindness. I can hear you I’m talking, so say less while I say more..of my opinion, populated by hand picked facts manufactured in the play store…

Rest is essential because the irrational are temperamental, God’s word tips scales of truth. Cats can say anything, but no one can deny God’s proof

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