The REMIX ⭐️brought you by Westbone Productions. The Event Write Up.🤩🤩🤩😘

March 25th, 2023, while awaiting Spring I decided to go to the REMIX event put on by Westbone Productions, with a host of sponsors Catalyst Institute, Penumbra, just to name a couple from off the top of my head.

The event started with switching to meet others after the timer went off to increase ones chances of really working the room.

I came with aspiring model Shenae, and encouraged other inspiring talents to get out there, and let others get to know the genius they hold inside.

I usually approach the scene as a blogger, who seeks to narrate the events, as a writer who looks for the romance of life, and as a creative hearing the stories of creatives to understand both the person and they medium of expression

Misha Estrin

I didn’t get a lot of speakers trying to capture the day, but the comedian was funny with personality and great timing.

Mayor Jacob Frey made an announcement that evening that concentrated on innovating neighborhoods and parks with technologically advance studios. Other points including in investing in talent based on equity and inclusion, as well as investing in black women, who are both the highest educated, as well the most increased group to be entrepreneurs.

The night continued to be amazing, so many speakers and contributors spoke, and inspired the audience including Leonard Searcy the drector and visionary for the event. Leonard is also the owner of Westbone Productions, who also sponsored the event with several others.

More pictures below!

I truly enjoyed the joi la vie of the night. There were so many people I didn’t get to talk too, bouncing from one interesting conversation to the other but, I had a great night, and simply couldn’t wait to put this post together. The diversity of the Twin Cities is truly off of the scale, and it takes events like the REMIX to provide spaces and places for people of color to come together so we can work together.

Thank you all for joining me, until next time

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