March Mood Style 2023❄️🌤🌻

March has come in and is almost done. Such has been the nature of 2023, at least at this point.

The world around us continues to change, and we become more resilient, and better able to navigate through, the strange, crazy and weird, by staying good people

Salute to all the sweet spirits and souls out there that bring comfort in a time of darkness. It is easy to advocate for selfishness, and polarizing attitudes, but to remain diligent in the Word of God, and in love is the goal and the mission.

As always, I strive to stay consistent, committed and loyal, to inspiring others to power forward and to keep the faith in times of uncertainty.

Therefore, I have some mood inspirations for March to inspire you, as we await the arrival of Spring.

The Mood Music for March Vibes. Guru was very much a prophet type, the music didn’t control him. A very underrated MC. May he rest peacefully!

Style is tricky when the weather goes from nice to not so nice. With overcast, that leaves us sun deficient, with trying to stay motivated, especially in Minnesota, snow storm after snow storm. I blame the ground hog. None the less, the March must go on, and no matter what, Spring is on her way. I have some style ideas, to keep us journeying into the new season…Check them out, and feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts..

Art is life, it’s the style in which one lives.

Why has history been hidden? Who benefited from the lie?

Lip Smackers…Great Healthy foods to promote a wonderful life!

Hidden History..”to the winners the spoils go..” Talib Kweli Resperation Black Star

So much going on in March, awaiting Spring watching the world change. Praying for France, Isreal, and all other countries experiencing extreme social unrest. No matter what we are all on this planet as shared protectors of it. My prayers to each and everyone of you reading this.

Thank you for joining me, until next time!

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