From the Southside to the Northside with Mom🥰

Today is the Sabbath 1/21/2022, and I decided that since I was feeling better this weekend,I would spend time with my Mom.

I live on the South Side of Minneapolis, and grew up between 32nd Street and Park, Oakland, Clinton, and when picking up my nephew, when he was young, we would go by the laundromat down by Portland and Lakestreet.

I’m older now, in the 40’s, and I have not really walked the streets of Minneapolis for years. I am happy to be back in the area, it is time to start reconnecting with my past.

Today was quite a drive, we had errands to run. I woke up and picked up my apartment a bit, then made breakfast for Mom and I. After that got dressed for the day, and headed out with Mom.

First stop, A &J’s chicken and Fish. See pictures below, after that a few more stops, and then we were headed to North Side.

I decided to take photos of the ride. Minneapolis is so picturesque.

I was happy to finally feel enough energy to get out of the house, bring my mom her holiday and birthday gift, and 8 in 1 record player, CD, tape, Bluetooth and more.

Arriving to my Moms house, the plumber is almost there, waiting on us and the carpenter, both aboriginal American men who assessed the job done by a man who contracted through a designer, who told my Mom she could help my mom upgrade her house. My mom is over seventy and between the designer doing a half hearted job, and Terry destroying her deck, but charging her any way. I see how difficult it is to be a home owner that is a senior, people are only there to cash in and manipulate, a lot of folks with so called businesses are scammers in disguise. My mom has lost a lot of money to scammers, I see it’s a problem that should not go unnoticed here in the Twin Cities.

After going over the work that is still needed, and eating a late lunch, Mom and I, both tired, decided to call it a day. We accomplished a lot, and spoke to my nephew Demar, his birthday is tomorrow. After his birthday there are more birthday’s down the line including my Mom, and sister Anita.

Thank you so much for joining me, until next time!

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