Summer In The City🌻🍸

June was a month so jammed packed with events, get together, dinners, and escapes, it was really challenging to stay up on blogging, while having a great time.

I realized early, that internet influencers who tirelessly go to events, a lot of the time at their own expense pay a pretty price to do so.

That was not my motivation necessarily, I did want to see what my beloved Twin Cites had to offer, as the weather heated up, and the events piled there was no shortage on things to do.

The first event was The White Out! Hosted by a black owned realty company in the Twin Cities. I was invited by my sister, owner of Exquisite by Me Designs, and we had a fabulous time darling.

My cousin Lashonda also joined us in style.

There was a slight drawback at the restaurant before we got upstairs to the event. However it didn’t put too much of a damper on the evening and we still all had an amazing time. After all of the fuss to find white, we did find later on that color crashed the party, and that’s what color does, so moving on..Lol

Family fun.

I have a whole grand nephew and we celebrated his first birthday as a family. I was so tired from the White out affair, but my sister Georgia was not hearing me, and I’m so glad I went. We all we able to wish our sweet Elijah, a happy birthday!

The next event was another Toussaint Morrison event. I am such a fan and I personally love the band scene that I have been in lately. I can always not only see Touissaint and the Blend, Damascus was an artist amongst others at Palmer’s Bar. It was a incredible show. Let’s talk all about it!

The featured bands were awesome and they started off the nights performances. Palmers has a great out door seating area, the event was pretty much full when we arrived. Touissaint and the blend brought the house down with a brass band that played Louisiana style surrounded by the audience. It was electrifying to say the least.

The closing of the Boiler Room Coffee Shop

I remember when I was a substitute para-professional in 2018, and I came across the Boiler Room, I was so desperate for coffee that day. I remember meeting the owner Michael, and he told me how his coffee shop supported local artist works.

I have since gone back several times.

Recently with the pandemic and inflation effects on coffee prices, the cafe had taken many hits. It was a community staple where you can see regulars having a casual conversation outside for hours, you can join them, or sit alone. My favorite was there veggie wraps. Now Steven’s Community seems like it’s missing a big piece of itself. The staff was diverse and friendly. I wish everybody well. Thank goodness we still have our memories!

Afro Punk

I did need a while to process this event. In my very humble opinion lacked more luster then a little bit. It was hot, with may 5 vendors and perhaps 2 solid food options, one waselites, or a corn on a stick or bowl.

The bar was long, but there was only two bartenders max. Everything felt like survival, and for the price,I truly felt that the event was over hyped and that’s all I have to say about that.

Juneteenth 2022

The theme of the day was Juneteenth, I grew up going to Juneteenth in North Minneapolis, it is always a community centered event. Afro Fest used the name, and omitted the cultural, I didn’t appreciate that either.

I also very briefly attended another event across the water in St. Paul.

I am trying to remember the name of the brewery that hosted the event, but can’t at the moment

I ran into Illism, a local group from Minneapolis, they are an inspiring couple that has opened up an event space. I really need to go, here are some pics from the night.

The next event was The Minnesota Black Music Awards, hosted by Lisa Moy, and brought to us by Charlie Rhodes and family. It was the 40th annual event and I was invited by the sound engineer Stuart, and I had such a lovely time.

What occured.

Black Music Awards 40th Annual
Pete Rhodes Kim Rhodes and family
Hosted by Lisa Moy

Catered by:

Spider Hamilton
Bianca Rhodes
Ron Bynum

Live show 4 events
Paster Dr. Chavez Russell
Minneapolis mayor commented on black music awards

“Where as”
Jacob Frey proclaimed June 22nd MN Black music streamed on Xfinity and Black music America

Started in 1982

Hyatt Eddie Robinson sang the black national anthem

Invited by Stuart the electrical engineer

Ryan Bynum
Tribute to Prince

Personally, it was an awesome experience. More to Come!

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