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If history proves anything, it is what is not learned is doomed to be repeated.

Black, since the word has been used as self-Identity in the 1960’s has become branding for all intents and purposes. There is black pride, and power and magic being touted everywhere. What has not gone viral is justice, peace, dignity or character. What has not been on display is images we can be proud of. Only figure heads flossing their riches and trying to look concerned at the same time. It would almost be comical but we as a whole world have actually entered the terror dome.

Check the price, but ask yourself, what happened to the people?

All over the world for quite some time people of color have been maliciously murdered and targeted.

With the most forgiving heart we believe the generational trauma is by chance, it’s not by chance, but can we see it yet? In the words of New York Nadia…

Minneapolis, MN

The connection I have with my city is not and will never be from the perspective of an outsider. I have lived outside of Minnesota for a stint, but my heart longed for years to return home.

When I was 9, in 1990, my life was Minneapolis, as a South sider my grandmother owned a house across the street from the old Central. My life was amazing, I played in parks, hung out mostly with my cousins, because my family is huge. My mother would bring to parks either Central or Powderhorn we would bring music, and feed anyone who wanted to join in our praise fest, always on the Sabbath.

My family was a part of the community, and all was truly well. soon that would all change, all of it.

Abdul Ferguson was shot at a house party; this was a big deal because we were of community of black families that grew up together for generations. The breaking started, then what I would call gang war had taken over as if overnight.  The officials shuffled to disorient the community, took money out of the school and gave it to the suburbs, the city kids were bussed out to.  Families left the city due to increase crime

We moved to Cloquet when my mother friend had crosses burnt on her front yard. My Mom went and confronted racism, she went to their town hall asked where the white Supremacist where at?

She told them they loved her, but their love was perverted.

She told this one fact, and Cloquet rolled out the red carpet, and they know well as does Duluth the influences of white supremacy.

I saw what no one ever told me in Black history class, the power of Faith in God, the might that comes from the blood of Jesus, is extremely underrated in the world of agendas.

Flash Foward to Now, let’s take a look at the recent headlines.

Times have not improved, and the city is struggling to be itself, as a shell of what it used to be. The Mayor in both Minneapolis and St. Paul also instilled vaccination mandates for bars and restaurants for 2 weeks which is what the two cities are well known for, hospitality and entertainment. This hit the core of the economies for both, why was this smart?

‘The community was and is a threat and has been treated as such for every long time. Taxpayers, citizens, community members, contributors, business owners, leaders, but they are called black, so people know how to treat them, as a color? I her the 1960’s calling..

The trauma is and has always been real, the gaslighting has been the narrative.


The death processions, and long lines, the detriment, and psychosis that follows. The mistreatment and narcissism that has been commonplace, and wellness has never mattered, but the health experts say?

Rest Peacefully to the victims of hatred both near and far…

I wished it stopped there, but what is allowed for one, is most likely sooner or later applied to all…

Since ancient times the world has sat back and agreed silently with the subjugation of the peoples from around the world, only to find, that they too were in a cage.


The question is now, how will you be remembered in this day in time?

Stay prayerful at peace and in purpose.

Until next time.

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