Style and Charm­čî╣1

There is the changing of the season upon us, but before the season changes we can still express the color of that which is summer. The late summer months, are memorable times, we know the seasons will soon change, so we have to put the long walks, trips to parks or lakes, quick ice cream stops, search for water parks, roller skating on basket ball courts, bbq’s with the family and friends, as we inch closer to bonfire season.

Not to race ahead, but to go slow, we will get there soon enough, type stuff. For now we will walk slow out of summer and inspire as we go…

I want to re-interate that I chose the graphics from my pinterest collection, in which I have been creating style boards for years. I hope you stay inspired by the content. We shall continue.

Moda . .. Let me say this, in magazine land this season is usually the most inspired. They would wait until August to provide a preview for Fall. I decided with this blog, we will go month to month and see what it is. So, in this mid time before the Fall Explosion of Color time, there is going to be this Fall Eve vibe, I hope you enjoy the style scene, streetstyle addition.

Featuring KarenBritChick

Smart, and engaging. Naturslista sporting bold color, and scarf…Bold jewelry, and sheer confidence.

Peach and Proud, with a backdrop that complements the subject her look is elegant, subtle but grabs attention.

When the shoes are the star of the show, you can just let them shine, and dim down with a bit of casual sophistication.

Mixed prints win the day, when ever there is an occasion to put a button up with anything other the dress pants is a perfect way to explore the look. Make it edgier with cheetah print.

One shoulder is elegant, but when you add a partial sweet heart with a double bulb arm. Silver and velvet, with a pinstripe, is more black tie, then a casual night, but very much still out of sight.

To dress and to impress.

Is it a kimono? Is it a dress? Who cares? It works..The color, the print, the cut, all marvelous!

I always want to feature artist, on this page, here are a few curated, and more to come. If you are an artist out there and want a feature send me an email at

Lastly, I also want to feature graphics, I didn’t get the artist names but their work is mood.

Thank you for joining me for part 1. For part 2 more come, and stay tuned.

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