Streetstyle..7.21 🌞

In terms of style, I love glamour, let’s just put that out there, so more to come on that. July is inspired by street style. With the heat in full swing, and the need to be out and social inspite of the times, we chose to walk forward however bravely, to enjoy our life as much as possible, under the circumstances. As we move ahead, putting our best foot forward, and encouraging our selves to be courageous. We can do that all in style, I firmly believe that these days especially, style can go a very long way.

Chill, sometimes doing the absolute basic counts, walking to the park, socializing at your local coffee shop, or frequenting your favorite places and spaces. Keep it cute, K.

Brunch and lunch, as we get older the night life may seem less appealing, and we may opt for early appointments, to stay structured, and to not put too much weight at the end of the day. Being casual and chic, provide an experience out that one may appreciate.

Then there is the later in the day events, an art show, music performance or event. Say alot without saying too much at all.

Drama, hey there are times when turning it up a bit may be the missing ingredient to a perfect night. Be the star in your world and enjoy every minute of it.

Style is powerful and influential a certain generation knew this, we are seeing the debate about being too casual in public. I say, you get what you represent, so represent well, if possible.

Many work from home and don’t feel motivated to do extra, and that’s ok, but if one decide’s to go for a walk, or out for evening cocktail, dish it up with pizzazz!

Being in your creative space is golden, and you may get a little dirty, but wearing a paint suit can save your clothes, so you can concentrate on being inspired.

Crown braid, perfect for the heat, cool enough to sport with any outfit. It is a protective style that goes a long way.

Another idea inspired by tribes in Ethiopia as well, was called a straw set years ago, as ever classic spirals can add some bounce to your day.
Stay aware, we can learn a lot from each other, no one knows everything.

Stars and animal print is a street style look that can be awesome with anything from a strappy camisole, to a graphic T-shirt. Heels, flats or strappy sandals.

Something for the young ladies out there,a little flare and personality, anyone?

There is so much to the cut of a dress, it is an art form in itself, we can go anywhere and be ready in this number.

The number one accessory is skincare, good health, and peace, those are priceless. Take care of you and as you step out or stay in, do it with style. Until next time.

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