Sensation Summer🌸💞🌞

The temperature is rising and it’s not surprising as they say, and I dually agree. As the weather heats up, and things get more intense in the city, it’s a blessing to have peace. It seems in Minneapolis someone let the circus out, and it has been a clown party ever since. I pray for all the cities and people all over the world suffering dramatically in so many ways at this time. To be honest, no one wears pain better then anyone else, pain hurts, we grow from it, but it hurts all the same. Be kind, if able to muster kindness, the world is in dire need.

A wonderful thing about the heat, is places and ways to stay cool. Roof top dining, inside hosting, however one does it, enjoying the company of irreplaceable loved ones is ala mode.

Solace, sometimes in summer we get away to discover ourselves again. So whether you travel across the world, close to home, or in a book, make an escape, at least for a little while.

Fresh food in summer go hand and hand. Farmers markets, food trucks, street festivals, the season is upon us.

Greening up the place. Summer heat can make one awful sluggish, which could be a vibe killer, eat more greens and watch your energy go through the roof.

Summer is hot, so wearing clothes that are not overly constricting or heavy can increase your enjoyment by leaps and bounds.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, I guess that can be a summer adventure in and of itself

So, plants are perfect all the time, but in summer, it’s the sun through the leaves, and the love of all that fresh oxygen for me.

So cute spaces around the house are even better in summer. More reasons to keep the hearth the most important part of the house.

Party favorites, outings on the lake, evenings in someone’s backyard with a bonfire, and a treat to take with you.

Eucalyptus is just a smart plant to have period, but summer is where the aroma really fills the air.

For summer parties, birthday and other gifts.

Summer is the floral season, the season of beauty and whimsy.
Traveling to stretches of spaces, to embrace nature and detach from ego, is solid gold.

Thank you for joining me for this summer time edition. More to come.

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