May Flowers🌷🌹🌸🌼🌻

It’s Mother’s Day season, and super special shout out to all the mothers all over the globe. I am so grateful for my mother, she is a wonderful woman, who shows me that no matter what happens, we can always move forward keeping our faith in the Lord.

I know in the midst of uncertainty it is hard to stay true, and sticking to themes of self care is not an easy add into the daily and weekly routines. However, the strength lies in the try, and we are all worth that.

Create, I will ask anyone out there to create it, make it, dream it, believe in it, move towards and execute it, in kind.

Psalms 108-118 Inspired🙏🏾

We must be here as a servant to each other in times of need. To use our gifts to inspire, and reject the hoarding nature that has become so prevalent in these times.

Furthermore, I hope we learn to embrace our flaws, as they make us an imperfect perfect, that can never exist again in anyone else. And that my friends, is more rare then gold. The Japanese concept called “Wabi sabi”, a style aesthetic that renders my point.

Until next time.

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