Take Care of you💯💞..4/2021

Cheers to all that have made it this far, in this dystopic reality, playing out like a 3-D movie, to bad it’s not a dream, incessant gnawing of knowing that nobody knows anything.

Now that I have your attention, this is not an attempt to further depress anyone. This is an assurance that if you made it this far, stay the course.

There is a lot to talk about I guess, but what I can do is lean on my faith, and implore each one to do the same

More to come on all things Classic, Cultured, and Chic. Then there’s this, the call to social conscience to remain kind. Everyone is going through it no matter what it looks like.

Find a healthy way to deal with stress,

Praise helps, exercise, long walks, reaching out to friends.

Make self care apart of your routine. Dont just visit the idea on weekends.

Find your happy place, in a book, writing, with a video game, what ever your chill is, find it, you deserve good things.

Hygiene, yes take regular care of all of you, stay managed to keep yourself happy, you spend a lot of time in isolation, be the you, you want to see..Others have to look at you..

I hope you all are doing well, and stay that way. Thank you for stopping by, until next time.

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