Let’s get back to beauty..πŸ’―πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’ž

There was a time in our youths, when we used to dream of true love, jump rope, girl talk for hours, as we curled our hair. Talked about the ongoing in at the park, and at the basketball court. Where we’d all meet up, outside by the kiddy pool, creating our fun daily, until the street lights came on, and the dinner bell would ring, chiming us home, our brood.

Time goes on, and we get grown, moving in our own direction, bumping into ourselves in someone else. We still listen to their song and play along, like we are not over it, or overselves.

Back to backyard remedy, finding treasures and chasing dreams. Who can stop you now? Time to start making plans, and making healthy choices, because, who do we got, if not ourselves?

Whatever life we paint, it’s the narrative for which we hence, in this. So we are here. Where would you be, if you could be any where? To say right here, is a form of self mastery, be cause, we can’t escape ourselves.

Life is beautiful because it is yours to own, please do own, as not to give what’s so precious away.

Getting back to beauty, is getting back to ourselves. To admit the world did change us, re arrange us, but in our golden moments, we shine. To chase more golden moments, and to live a life beautiful to you is both a right and a choice.

So many stories to dig up, unearth, and dust off, I look forward to exploring more in this conversation, and many others like it.

Classic lewks from back in the day, swag is in the package, and confidence is key.

What ever you dream, you have to make me a promise, promise to me that you will dream.πŸ’ž And keep on striving to your goals. Stay prayerful, until next time.

Ella and Luie inspired.🎡🎢

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