August: Heat: Gypzy Summerđź’«

The one thing that everyone can agree on is that 2020 has been crazy exhausting. If we didn’t know that we are mind, body, soul and spirit, we most certainly do know. Things may not seem that they are getting any better, all that matters now is that we get better, and learn to to be better human beings.

This Month’s inspiration: The embrace

Freedom, to chose to be yourself. Freedom to walk with purpose.

There is a freedom to self discovery, when we are introduced to the great galaxies of ourselves. When we remember the parts of us that we forgot, like being in a familiar space, once again. We can chose to self evaluate, pray, and trust the process. We can chose to take inventory of our strengths and weakness, and exercise our faith to a better life. We know it’s our own work to do.

We affect so many people around us, change takes place when we realize that we can be better people to the one’s that love us already, the one’s that really need superheroes and heroines are lot closer then we think.

Alone time, is growth time, a place where the freedom of expression is born. It is an intimate space that must be kept in the routine at all times.

Comfort is key, we all feel better in our own skin, our own style, we get to relax, and kick our feet up. Every man and woman should have that space. Personally, I pray for the black woman of the world, she has been such a target, yet gracefully stays herself to the boneđź’–. What courage, what strength. Standing ovation for you!

Food Friendly

Over are the days of consuming foods that don’t love you. If after you eat you feel lethargic and slow, let it go. Try foods that emphasize the right things. We do not have to forsake flavor, we have to re examine what taste are, we may find that food can be fun, friendly and healthy. We never know unless we try..

Summer favorites, I just became hip to seafood boils. I am a super fan, that is what makes it a great summer go to, for me.

Eat fresh, its my new favorite way to eat, especially during the day, I can stay sharp and my body and I can maintain an amazing relationship.

Flora and Fauna

I am all about that plant life, I grew up with them, and having them is a family legacy. They add life to any environment. The oxygen to carbon exchange is not bad either. Now stylish pots are mood.

A splash of pink, of course, the set is even perfect for small spaces.

Interiors are something we are seeing a lot of these days, everyone stuck in the house during this second wave, plants may be a wiser choice then we think.

Luxury, some prefer drama in the details of their decor. Personality and pizazz!!

Other decor, may be more about comfort, and inviting moods. Emphasized by plush items that are ornate and decorative.

Wall color can have a powerful impact on a room, there is now peel away wall papers, ( more to come on that), painting a room proves that small changing can be dramatic.

Wrap City

The most embraceable aspect of black hair culture is the head wrap.

Vibin’ and such..

Cozy and close. Classic and chic.

Green spaces. The season will change, stay connected, and try bringing nature in.

Succulents gardens can also be beautiful. The trick to it, is keeping them alive.

All around the world. Find your country, I am aware that most aren’t represented. Love you anyway!

Architecture and geography go hand in hand.

Find yourself in joy, make room for the you, you want to be.

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