This just in… Minneapolis burned while the world watch, but it doesn’t stop there.πŸ§πŸ§πŸ§πŸ§πŸ‘‡

Blackness has always been looked at with hatred, but why is it allowed? The world wants to know?

There is really no explanation for the hatred of a people, what is even more insane, is that it has been allowed to exist. It’s never really been up to black people to solve racism, it’s humanity’s fight, and that is the truth. No one deserves to be treated as if they have no rights or citizenship. No one one.

You death changed a city, a nation and a world.
And everyone is fed up.
Constant scenes of violence

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and other social media has been broadcasting events better then the news exposing the lie behind the facade. Bloggers and pedestrians stepping up and telling the truth about the local destruction, it’s not the protesters it’s a force of hate. Why pick a pandemic? When the state was opening up? Will we ever know?

People are speaking out!

The issue of racism and hatred can no longer be accepted as an act of sanity, it erodes a society and destroy’s our since of morality, it conjures evil things and must be stopped at the root.

It’s everybody’s fight to save humanity.

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