And the Band Played On..🥁

There is a shock that hits people when they do go outside. Shelter in home is a decree, and social distancing the new craze. I am not making light of a very heartbreaking matter, I am being matter of fact, however.

I truly pray a circle of of protection over your families, friends and loved ones. For the world and the experiences and friendship yet to be had. Prosperity, and good health in Christ Jesus, Amen!

I am a believer, and I do believe our faith will get us through this hour. Let’s be mindful of our blessings, and take better care of ourselves and others, we know now how important it is, let the things we love, and love us never be taken advantage of again.


Well, yes let’s speak of both lessons and blessings at the same time. There’s no forgiveness without confessing. Let’s rebuild in love.

Let’s be ourselves, again, and stop playing make believe, in a world of perverted things.

Yes, I said it…it don’t take much to see it all now..

Speaks for it’s self

This is for anyone out there who came to take shelter here, to know you are so important, keep your head up, and believe.

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