What can water do?🤷

Stepping into the season, I want to leave sparkles on my footprints. A glimmering expression, as we move through this life, we can give ourselves back what we owe ourselves in inspiration.

However, I stay inspired, here’s a few examples of water creativiy, inspired and curated in fact, to express what I mean.

I call this mood:🌸🌱☘️🌸🌷🌊 Floral Aquaniqua

Water and plants, I’m orbiting around this theme.

Floral infused drinks for hosting and beautiful to see through.
Lavender and vanilla teas, calming and relaxing..Tea creations.
The elegance of mirrors as trays, dry flower ambiance.
I am all about food, culture and architecture, when it comes to travel destinations.
Plants, succulents, more plants…all about home jungles.

Home style, office agreeable.
Home jungles and infused teas…

Hydroponics, fish and vegetation.
Bathing as much and as well as possible, perfect for a balanced peace of mind


Water spaces, increase tranquility, a great investment, in my humble opinion.
Just classic decor, look at this green house.
Travel inspiration, there is so much to see.

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