Inspired by the Early Spring, but Firmly grounded February ❄️😘💯

The invisible can’t be seen without their culture.
Be brave in all you do, be your own hero and your own best friend.
Cafe talk, reminds me of good company, conversation, great food and plenty of wine.

Words give life, speak life to the living, they deserve it, and need it the most.

Beauty is rare, it’s authentic and true.
Hyacinth plants and water gardens, house plants and aquariums, I’m musing..

Natural hair is no trend, it’s the future!

Flawlessly styled.

Hair accessories are queen!

Yellow brings light to dark days🌻

Food is medicine!

Stunning, inspiring and real at the same time
Global beauty, a distinct art form fashioned in culture, somethings can be duplicated, but the beauty is in the original.

Travel destinations🔥⭐💯🏹 Where are you dreaming about?