January 2020..⭐🔥🙏💯

A co-worker asked me when I walked into work if it is a new year and new me. My response was, “I started some good habits and routines in 2019, I’d like to just stay consistent.”

A life with purpose on purpose.

It’s enough for me in this era of my life to challenge myself to do the things that can often be neglected. Being busy all the time is no longer my focus, using my time wisely is. Looking impressive, not so important, living to impress myself, very important. This will require me to level up in ways that feel right, and aligns with my being. Everything, everyone and everybody is not for me. A taylored life is way more suitable.

Self check
Eat well to live well

Self care is about everything we do, self talk, hygiene, the way we communicate, and our priorities all play major roles in our lives. To live with less stress declutter. Declutter all the things that are time wasters, toxic, non progressive, and most importantly, that does not fit the vision of what you need and want in your life.

Nature is natural

Cut the fat and the b.s. too, you will thank yourself later.

Happy New Year Everyone, cheers to more writing, great company, and good wine. May this time bring you the life, love and happiness you deserve.

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