Ladies Day Out. Leo Season.. In celebration of Tiffany­čĺ»


A flashback to July, when my Mom, and I went to Dinner with my big sister Tiffany, we celebrated her birthday in style. The food was great and the company was even better. It was a great day out. I took some pictures in remembrance, knowing I would eventually get to it.

This was shrimp, and they were huge and very tasty.
Salad with a perfect blend of goodness and sunshine.
I am a straight up foodie, I love to cook it, and go to new places to discover the menu. The Twin Cities is no food desert and I try to tour my hometown as much as possible.
Well, the wine was starting to kick in..
I came prepared for the drastic shift in temperature around these parts, I am always layered with a dress that has the weather decides to go another way.
Redstone..Look it up, they have great food, and wine., lol.

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