LOoK BoOK Hot Winter WiNd Series.πŸ‘€βœ¨πŸ’‹

If we are going to talk about the time of year where the snow just keeps coming down, we are blessed enough to watch from the inside of our homes and cuddle up on a sleepy Saturday. I love jazz, main supreme, so Ella is the soundtrack for this LOoK BoOK. Winter can sizzle for the lovers, and it can sparkle for the dreamers, it can give to the takers and leave mementos behind of the leavers. I happen to see the brilliance in this season other then the fact that it can’t last forever. I have some inspirations that have been meandering interests of the season. I am here to share them with you.

The boldest thing that any one can do is be honest, most of all we should be honest with ourselves. What ever that looks like, it won’t be trending. Perhaps in the distance, beyond our senses, the world could possibly change for the better.

There is a wonder that only trees know. it is bold and able to out live even ideas. A truthiness that become back drops to not just generations, but civilizations as well.

The biggest trend that i am going to love when winter breaks, studded jackets.

The one thing that I believe will be a staple until the weather doth protest. The studded buddy.

Blush, it just warms the room. Glitter, it just adds pizzazz. Give me more.

There is nothing more beautiful then true love. It is worth waiting for..❀

There are real simple pleasures that give more in quality, then even the most elaborate event. I think it’s called life, if we learn to live wisely.

Things are things, you know what I mean

.Artist Lei Xue sculpts porcelain to look like crushed cans then paints then with traditional designs.

I love a pop of color, a good high waist ed fitted jeans. Heels to ass that get ’em girl element. An ode to the modern classic. Green Apple style

Another marvel, is wall paper, it sure can change a room. Adding touches of genius to the place.

Skin problems are irritating, I have tried since my teens to wrestle the irritation to the floor. But, on a brighter note there is this marvelous wonder, get in to it!

Well, later for now, I hope you enjoyed the stroll down today’s selections. Stay tuned for more, more to come

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